Monday, August 30, 2010

The Mummies Portland road trip, Part 3

Our last day in Portland. We got the crew together and hit up a few skateparks.

Mikey was following this kook around one park.

We skated one of the BEST made to skate pools, Donald! Makes me remember the old Nude Bowl days.
(The digital camera isn't the best for taking skate pictures......)

After Donald, we got in the car and headed south towards home. Stopped at a campsite our friend Zach clued us in on.
We set up camp, made a fire and drank some Hamms (the official beer of the trip)

There's nothing better than a camping morning

The next morning was a beautiful sight.....

Packed up camp and continued our journey south. The LONG drive home. Got back to San Diego, had the best "after road trip" shower and passed out. The End.

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