Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rumble in Ramona / Slappy Sunday weekend

Rode the Norton Out to Ramona and met up with the crew for the "Rumble in Ramona". Great times. Saw SO many people that I had not seen in a long time.

It was good to see my friend Jerry

Mikey and Rocket creepin

The next night was SLAPPY SUNDAY! Not on the normal schedule, but my friends Zach and Sarah were in town from Portland. So, Mikey and I got the crew together for yet another Slappy Sunday. A few showed up........ Jimmy Jordan, Ed Dominick, Stack-Aly, AJ, Rocket..... Such a fun night! Slappies, slalom! and even a powerslide contest. Good fun, good company! Makes me really stoked on skateboarding.
Thanks to Thadical for letting us DJ on such short notice.
(very blurry camera phone pics)

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  1. Hottman!!!! GOD DAMNIT!

    I hope you read this, it's Kessler. I'm living in Portland now, I'm about to go skate with a friend and randomly found this while waiting to get picked up. If you read this get in touch with me.